Bentley Dean & Martin Butler
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dim, 12/06/2011 (Jour entier)

En 1964, Yuwali avait 17 ans et son groupe, composé de 20 femmes et enfants, furent les derniers aborigènes à vivre traditionnellement, ignorant totalement l’Australie moderne. Avant de procéder à des essais de lancements de fusées, la gendarmerie fut envoyée pour les évacuer de leur habitat du désert. Yuwali fait un récit fascinant de sa course sur des centaines de kilomètres pour échapper aux "démons" dans des "roches qui se déplacent" (camions). Aujourd’hui à 62 ans, elle raconte son incroyable histoire.

Bio du Réalisateur: 

Bentley Dean studied Philosophy and Politics at Sydney University and Film and Television at the Victorian College of the Arts. The film Contact, whichhe co-directed with Martin Butler in 2009, won Best Documentary Prize at the Sydney Film Festival. He filmed and directed or codirectedseveral other awarded films: Anatomy of a Coup (2002; Best Political Documentary at REAL: Life in Film), The President Versus David Hicks (2003; AFI Award for Best Documentary and the TV Week Logie for Most Outstanding Documentary), Jon Frum He Come (2007), The Siege (2007; nominated for AFI awards for best editing and best sound), and A Well-Founded Fear (2008; Australian Cinematography Society award for Best Cinematography).


Martin Butler studied politics and economics at Oxford University and then went to work for the manager of ’The Who’. In1981 he emigrated to Australia and has spent the last 25 years as a long form current affairs television producer. He spent 6years at Four Corners directing/producing Tony Jones’ Antarctica film, Deb Snow’s Maori Revival and Mark Colvin’s Massacre in New Caledonia. He hasproduced two Walkley winners,most recently Olivia Rousset’sAbu Ghraib trilogy. He has alsoproduced films that have wonthe New York Film and Television best documentary award, two UN media peace prize winners, two George Munster awards for Independent journalism and finalists in the Logies and Rory Peck Awards. He has worked withBentley Dean on several featuresfor ’Dateline’ and in 2009, they directed and produced Contact together, the film which won the Best Documentary Prize at the Sydney Film Festival.