"Young Vision" Competition

Every student at the Black Rock alternative high-school has no hope of getting a diploma at a traditional high school anymore. An extraordinary pedagogical team have given themselves a mission: to unveil the potential of these students whom the system has deemed lost causes.
One morning Emma wakes up to a nightmare. Her e-mail has been hacked and, the nude photos she sends to her boyfriend are now on revenge porn sites on the Internet, along with her name, address and e-mail. Three years later, Emma has enough and makes a surprising countermove.
2009. Zaineb is nine years old and lives with her mother and younger brother in Tunis. Her father passed away and her mother is about to restart her life with a man living in Canada. But this country doesn’t inspire trust in Zaineb and she doesn’t like snow... Kaouther Ben Hania, the filmmaker, follows the events closely, skilfully capturing the emotional current running through everyday moments. Treated with a lightness of touch, this film depicts a portrayal of adolescence and a leap into a new world.
Taxis in Iran are places for sharing ideas about political and social issues. Here, you hear real stories directly from reliable sources. Mahmoud Rahmani drives a taxi in the southern city of Ahwaz, his hometown, to present an image of the society and its paradoxes that are rarely seen. For him, the people and their words turn his taxi into a small box in which real stories, expectations and pains are expressed freely without any self-censorship.
Twin brothers, Roman and Sifredy are nearly 20. As teenagers, they experienced upheaval, integration, violence and judgement. In squats, secret places or on the edges of the forest, they imagine their own life with its own language and codes. The camera follows their daily hand-to-hand with exclusion. This documentary shows a sensitive and detailed picture of the two brothers and depicts the complexity of these figures of powerful “delinquency”.
They are thirteen. They love to skate and dream of escaping a boring life at school, which leaves little room for dreaming and adults who no longer laugh. They walk down the roads of their village, between the sea, the countryside and the city. Between forgetting high-school, appealing to women and pleasing their fathers, life is harsh at thirteen. La Belle Vie paints portraits of young boys who share their sorrows, fears and battles to build a better world.
Phong has always felt like a girl in a boy’s body. After moving to Hanoï to attend university at the age of twenty, Phong discovers that she is not the only one in the world in this predicament. Several years later, her dream to “find herself” by physically changing sex becomes a reality several years later. The film follows Phong’s struggle during these years, with excerpts from her intimate video journal, along with scenes from her encounters with family, friends, work colleagues and doctors – all of whom must come to terms with her determination to become a complete girl.
The child-soldiers of Congo have been part of one of the biggest conflicts in recent years. Both victims and persecutors, they fight the war as if they were adults and yet, they are children. In a specialised centre that aims to reintegrate them into civilian life, a Belgian theatre director encourages them to improvise based on their own experiences. From indoctrination to delivery, from rape to the loss of a loved one, nothing is spared. Yet, this time, they use wooden weapons. And the children laugh.