The disappearance of the Aral Sea is one of the most disastrous human-caused catastrophes in world history. Once awash with marine waves, its horizon is now covered with rusty skeletons of ships and deserts of salt. Sea Tomorrow explores the backstage of this post-apocalyptic landscape. Even if the sea is gone, people are left; a fisherman with no fish, pirates who live in shipwrecks, an old gardener of saline soil… All of them apply themselves to live in aworld where the worst has already happened.
Down the Deep, Dark Web deals with the drifts of surveillance society. Through the investigation of a journalist born in 1984, the documentary questions everything you thought you knew about the Internet and the dangers of the digital world, and delving beyond the child pornography, drug sales and hitmen-for-hire which have dominated existing explorations of this virtual Wild West. Assigned with writing an article about the Darknet, Yuval Orr dives head first down the rabbit hole. On a journey that takes us through Tel Aviv, Prague and Berlin, Yuval meets tech experts, cybercrime watchmen, and a group of self-appointed underground freedom fighters.
Through a journey, we discover a forgotten culture and the dangers that it faces. Eliseo Parada, an Argentinian goat herder, sheds light on the pleasures of daily life as a gaucho and the potential disappearance of a tradition transmitted through four generations, which he honours proudly. His sons and wife, Juana, work with him to protect this ancestral means of providing for themselves. The couple wonders how long their children will preserve this tradition.