“The Great Gate”, an almost deserted Bulgarian village on the border with Turkey, and its 38 elderly voters have to elect a new mayor. Among the candidates, Ivan the postman has come up with an unconventional plan to breathe new life into his village: to welcome the Syrian refugees passing by their border every day. Following the three candidates’ campaigns, this film draws a tragicomic portrait of a sleepy village that suddenly finds itself awaken by the European crisis.
Under the Pinochet-dictatorship, Jorge becomes an instrument for the Chilean secret services, who have violently forced them to work for them. He escapes and becomes a war cameraman based in Belgium. Today, his son realises his psychologic portrait, taking him back to the places of his unfinished evil past.
Simone, 89, isn’t scared of the Other and refuses to isolate herself. Her desire to take action for asylum-seekers led her to befriend Nafisa and Mohammad, an Afghan couple who fled their country.
One morning Emma wakes up to a nightmare. Her e-mail has been hacked and, the nude photos she sends to her boyfriend are now on revenge porn sites on the Internet, along with her name, address and e-mail. Three years later, Emma has enough and makes a surprising countermove.
Activist and journalist Zineb El Rhazoui was not present in Charlie Hebdo’s offices the 7th of January 2015, day of the terrorist attack. She now became the most protected woman in France. For her opponents, nothing is forgiven.
Samantha, a star-crossed singer-songwriter, lives alone in one of New Orleans' toughest neighbourhoods. By day, she works as a caregiver for the elderly. At night, she transforms into “Princess Shaw”, posting homemade a cappella clips on Youtube for a handful of viewers. She has no idea that on the other side of the world, she has a talented secret admirer who is about to expose her to millions of listeners.
Anything can happen on the roads, especially in Russia. Everything is shot by a dashboard camera. This fascinating mosaic of asphalt adventures presents us an absurd, comical and intimate portrait of Russia.
Village People is an intimate and philosophical portrait of small villages in north-western Bulgaria – the poorest region in the European Union. This mosaic film offers us a slice of life from rural Bulgaria through the confessions of the little people about not so little things – cows, life, faith, death, the benefits of dogs and mice, the need for blonde waitresses, Jean-Paul Sartre and existentialism, river fishing, old fortune tellers and the wind.
Brankica roams the “wall of death” on her motorbike, defying gravity and time since childhood, for the duration of the show, over the time of a passage. Her life is cadenced by the fairgrounds and the nomadic existence of vendors of entertainment and “dreams”; a modest routine built on repetition. Her brothers are now dead, or have been injured, and the glory days seem gone. Like the perspective of a child who has grown up, the excitement has given way to fear and to the urgency of necessity. Mladen Kovačević draws a benevolent and visionary portrait of an adventurer seemingly forever condemned to ride or fall.
Mon premier rôle shows the alternate portraits of two friends, mathilde et nina, from the ages of 17 to 20. They are worried about the end of school because they have to make choices for their future. The movie follows them facing the social pressures they meet (competition, failing or winning, the threat of unemployment). In this context, their drama course is like a breath of fresh air, a space of freedom, where they can express themselves and build their own personalities.