International Competition

To be enslaved in Europe today seems impossible. Yet this is the case for millions of people. Marish, 52, has been held captive by a family for 10 years and is forced to work without being payed.

"It’s not easy to find a foster family for you," an orphanage supervisor explains to Alicia.

Like many teenagers of her generation, Ying Ling has moved from a small village to one of China’s booming industrial cities to find work.

Amal was 14 years old when she first went down to Tahrir Square during the Egyptian revolution, after her boyfriend died in the Port Said Stadium riot.

In the war waged for the future of the Internet, the protection of personal data and freedom of speech, two men are fighting a fierce battle: Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks threatened with e

Muhi’s life was saved by his grandfather Abu Naim, who managed to take him from Gaza to an Israeli hospital where the young boy had his limbs amputated.

Abu Osama is not only a loving father of eight boys, but also one of the founders of Al-Nusra, the Syrian arm of Al-Qaeda, and a specialist in bomb attacks and mine-clearing.

Rocío and Aldana have experienced events that a child should never have to go through.

In Beirut, Syrian construction workers are building a skyscraper while in their country, their own houses at home are being bombed.

Five years ago, Kenyan farmer Kisilu Musya began filming his family, his village, floods, droughts and thunderstorms to document the impact of climate change.