Belgian Cinema Competition

In Blue Orchids, Johan Grimonprez creates a double portrait of two experts situated on opposite ends of the same issue—the global arms trade.

Young Belgians and Dutch leave their country to live in Istanbul in search of a better life. Once there, they realize that they are much more European than they thought.

Midas, his sister Rodin and their friend Siyabend, three Yezidi children, live together in a refugee camp in Turkey for people from Kurdistan.

A poetic portrait of Giorgi Shakhsuvarian, an Armenian boxing coach from Tbilisi. Living and working in Belgium, he prepares a young boxer to become a European champion.

We are at the reception center "The relay of the world" of Natoye between Namur and Ciney.

Today, as a skipper for Bulgarian tourists, Nikolay recalls the dream he accomplished in 1985 : going around the world by himself.

Rabot tells the story of a social housing block on the brink of demolition.

The 12 protagonists of this documentary share their work related dreams and their interpretation.

A lonely horseman arrives in a far away country, looking for a land to settle down. Clement is my older brother. He became a farmer in France, far from the suburbs of Paris, where we grew up.

December 7th 2014 is the saddest day in the world. What have I filmed in the year after that day? What did I want to keep? Are you in my pictures?