Bassam Ayachi, a Syrian, has lived in Europe with his French wife since the 1960s. When tensions rise in the Middle East and rebels fight against the Syrian President, Bassam’s son, Abdelrahman, decides to join the Syrian resistance to defend the country. Filmmaker Stéphane Malterre closely followed the family for three years, accompanying their Jihadist son on several campaigns.
Under the Pinochet-dictatorship, Jorge becomes an instrument for the Chilean secret services, who have violently forced them to work for them. He escapes and becomes a war cameraman based in Belgium. Today, his son realises his psychologic portrait, taking him back to the places of his unfinished evil past.
Simone, 89, isn’t scared of the Other and refuses to isolate herself. Her desire to take action for asylum-seekers led her to befriend Nafisa and Mohammad, an Afghan couple who fled their country.
In 2014, the Yezidi city of Shingal in northern Iraq was conquered and destroyed by Daesh. In a deserted coal mine on the Turkish border, thousands of Yezidi refugees wait for a safe return. Through the eyes of an older man, a teenage boy and a family, Shingal Where Are You? depicts a persecuted minority’s quest for a new homeland.
Activist and journalist Zineb El Rhazoui was not present in Charlie Hebdo’s offices the 7th of January 2015, day of the terrorist attack. She now became the most protected woman in France. For her opponents, nothing is forgiven.
Salinas, a small isolated village of fishermen on the Mexican coast, a spirit wanders among the living, contemplating the coming and going of people and winds. A distant voice sings a melody. A poem of life in a community of fishermen and their griefs. A poem of life in a community of fishermen and their griefs.
More than 10 years after Hurricane Katrina - the deadliest hurricane in US history - struck, New Orleans is being rebuilt. Under such emergency conditions, the town is experiencing of the effects of capitalism combined with this unprecedented disaster and symbolises a country where the gap between the rich and the poor is still widening.
Omar and Adam, two young refugees, have been welcomed, hosted and hired on Lampedusa, the Italian island where they stranded. Both boys have been lucky. however, their dreams reach further than the basic needs of shelter and food.
Mon premier rôle shows the alternate portraits of two friends, mathilde et nina, from the ages of 17 to 20. They are worried about the end of school because they have to make choices for their future. The movie follows them facing the social pressures they meet (competition, failing or winning, the threat of unemployment). In this context, their drama course is like a breath of fresh air, a space of freedom, where they can express themselves and build their own personalities.