Millenium Web Meetings


Web Meetings to develop the Web Doc


The MILLENIUM Festival is a pionneer in the domain of webcreation and the use of new technologies and communication media. Since 2010, we organise Web Meetings dedicated to webcreation and webdocumentary in particular, that gather young designers and developers eager to learn together with prestigious webcreators. The MILLENIUM Festival truly contributed to the development of the webdoc genre in Belgium, with the help of its partners such as Le blog documentaire (France), Le Soir, la RTBF, France Télévision, or KissKissBankBank. The quality of the training offered by highly regarded professionals (David Dufresne, Henri Lotte-France Télévision, Mathieu Lietaert, Alexandre Brachet or Sébastien Brothier-Upian) is key to the success of the meetings among students, professionals and the general public.

In view of the growing success of the Web Meetings at the MILLENIUM Festival, we decided to make it an independent event entirely dedicated to webdoc and digital creation.
In 2016, directors, web developers, game developers and graphic designers bundled their skills to explore together the connection between interactive documentary and game during a 48 hour Cross Over Lab under the theme: "The Tower of Babel", to come up with new ideas for GameDocs.
In 2017, MILLENIUM organised a new hackaton on the theme "Brussels-Babel". The 22 participants were asked to use the tools of the webdoc to present their vision for a Brussels of the future and explore ways people can live together in a diverse megacity.