Programme Cinéma Belge

How do Chinese people love each other? This is the question Giancarlo, a young Italian director, asks himself when meeting for the first time the family of his future wife.

Guangzhou, China. A building erected in the communist style of the eighties: Tian Xiu. Since many years this is the Eldorado for African migrants who massively try their luck in this city.

Is it a memory? A nightmare? An image, a sound from some other time? An unknown man tells the story of the past life of a woman.

The author of the film arrives one morning at Julos Beaucarne's, poet, singer and artist, as if pushed by a strong wind that shakes the trees near his house.

At a time when oil is at it lowest and hope for a solution to "decarbonize" transport may have faded, "L'or Vert" tells the story of a political project , an industrial chimera and an environmenta

A conceptual experiment on what it means to start a film with a black image, develops into a subtle personal essay about the filmmaker.

A breathing passes through the hospital corridors. Softly, the artists of the "Pont des Arts" offer some art moments beside the beds.

Quartier Libre traces, with its inhabitants, the history and life of La Baraque, a self-managed neighborhood that has existed in Belgium for 40 years.

Roosenberg is a place, a space, a building, a film. Roosenberg is Amanda, Godelieve, Rosa and Trees.

Colombia is a land of ghosts. Two siblings roam these mystical landscapes in search of their dead father's spirit.