Millenium Festival

No profession should be forbidden to women.

Balabanov is the place where Metodi has always lived and represents an utopia for him: a factory-village that provided its workers with housing, schools, entertainment, shops and healthcare.

Where is the exponential growth of technology taking us?

Young Belgians and Dutch leave their country to live in Istanbul in search of a better life. Once there, they realize that they are much more European than they thought.

Midas, his sister Rodin and their friend Siyabend, three Yezidi children, live together in a refugee camp in Turkey for people from Kurdistan.

A poetic portrait of Giorgi Shakhsuvarian, an Armenian boxing coach from Tbilisi. Living and working in Belgium, he prepares a young boxer to become a European champion.

Today, as a skipper for Bulgarian tourists, Nikolay recalls the dream he accomplished in 1985 : going around the world by himself.