Paul works in Michael Flynn’s mattress shop, which is close to bankruptcy. In order to save both his job and the business, he embarks on a crazy marketing mission and transforms his employer Mick into “Mattress Mick” who creates a buzz on the Internet. Are crisis, success and friendship, a good mix?
At just thirty four years old, the director Simon Fitzmaurice learns that he has four years to live. Instead of being shattered, he decided that his greatest defiance against illness would be to direct his first feature film. He drew strength from his deepest desires and despite total physical incapacitation, seven years later, he completed My Name is Emily (2015), directing it by only using his eyes thanks to Eye Gaze technology. This film becomes an ode to life where every second, every relationship and every smile has its importance. Can strength and the desire to live transform death ?

A village on the magnificent coast of Ireland is attacked by oil company Shell, they want to build a gaspipe through their community. The village fights back : this is their story.