International Competition

A selection of the best documentary films from across the globe will be presented in the International Competition, with the Objectif d'Or being awarded to the film delivering its message in the strongest and most sincere way. We focus on films that question established models, shake our vision of the world and offer alternative paths of relection for the future.

Ji Dan, one of the most important female filmmakers in China becomes involved in the lives of the children of a family trying to survive in their jury rigged shanty.

The “Slash and burn” is the desperate solution that 250 Million rural families use all over the world.

In a Nahua village, an old man goes to a teller.

The desperate inhabitants of a Ukrainian town work every day in small illegal mines.

“Outro” is the Russian word for the musical term “coda”, the end of a composition. An end that is harsh for Svetlana, who faces a terminal state of cancer.

Kübra committed shameful crimes. She is the unique female intensive delinquent in Berlin, for she was incarcerated for 4 years at the age of 14.

Shariyar, dustman in Kermanshah, is fond of literature.

The film is an incredible fresco on the condition of women in Pakistan, through the struggle of an uncommon couple: Abdul Sattar Edhi and his wife Bilquis Edhi.

He had forecast nothing, anticipated nothing. He left on a winter morning, alone, by foot, to cross the country from south to north.