Bunch of Kunst

Christine Franz
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Belgian Première Belgian Première
Sat, 24/03/2018 -
21:15 to 23:00

DJ Andrew Fearns taps a key on his laptop as he shakes his head to the rhythm. Standing next to him, singer Jason Williamson spits his street-poetic lyrics into the microphone. These are the unforgettable Sleaford Mods, a duo from Nottingham, England. Known as "the voice of Britain"—a Britain of unemployment, cutbacks and getting wasted on weekends—these two fortysomethings concoct a mix of energetic punk and raw rap lyricism. They also want to have as little to do with the music industry as possible. Bunch of Kunst follows their journey, from their first Nottingham gigs to London biggest stage.

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Christine Franz is a Berlin-based music journalist. She is working as a music editor and producer/director for French-German public TV network ARTE and its weekly pop culture programme TRACKS – one of Europe’s longest running TV music programmes. Christine has worked as a trainee for MTV networks, as a freelance writer for Germany’s biggest music magazine INTRO and volunteered at Glastonbury festival for 10 years. “Bunch of Kunst” is Christine’s first feature film.