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In the Tundra, in the Arctic part of Yakutia, the climate is unbearable. In winter, the temperature drops to -65°C. There is no phone service, electricity nor roads. Living in such conditions means a daily struggle with nature and oneself. On a quest for liberty and independence, Sergei breeds his herd of horses, while being challenged by the extreme climatic conditions and the distance from his family.
Mikhail Barynin
Another Year captures thirteen dinners of a migrant worker’s family over the course of fourteen months, highlighting how the mundane could appear mysterious and beautiful with the passage of time. Between joys, frustrations and fights for survival, these thirteen sequences report the reality of the relations between the different members of this three-generation family in a striking way and finally illustrate the socio-economic challenges faced by a large part of the Chinese population.
Shengze Zhu
Through a journey, we discover a forgotten culture and the dangers that it faces. Eliseo Parada, an Argentinian goat herder, sheds light on the pleasures of daily life as a gaucho and the potential disappearance of a tradition transmitted through four generations, which he honours proudly. His sons and wife, Juana, work with him to protect this ancestral means of providing for themselves. The couple wonders how long their children will preserve this tradition.
Tato Moreno
One day, Jakob changed. He now calls himself a Salafi. He found a new faith that now stands above everything else. With his camera, his brother Eli tries to understand where this change of heart and mind comes from and what it means. He accompanies Jakob to his mosque, gets to know his new brothers and meets his wife. Brother Jakob is an intimate portrait of two brothers and their journey to find truth.
Elí Roland Sachs
A lone man refuses to leave the forbidden zone of Fukushima. Naoto Matsumura stays, despite the radiation, to rebuild his ancestral territory. Bags of waste are lined up, marking the frontier of the “red zone”. Decontamination continues, attempting to erase memories by taking apart the houses or scraping the contaminated ground in vain. Vegetation has taken over the city, invading the landscape making the setting of this documentary much like a post-apocalyptic science-fiction film. Naoto is the last man of Fukushima.
Mark Olexa & Francesca Scalisi
Twenty-two-year-old Oleg doesn’t live up to his mother’s expectations, Marina. She thinks of him as a “autistic loafer” and he does not correspond to her masculine ideal. Oleg doesn’t have any friends and is scared of having a romantic or sexual relationship. Marina subjects him to a series of treatments, each one more absurd than the other, in order to try and rouse him from his lethargic state. Oleg’s salvation eventually comes from an unexpected source: theatre.
Jerzy Sladkowski
In January 2013, the Israeli Beitar Jerusalem Footbal Club incorporated two Muslim players in its team. The deal inspired the most racist campaign in Israeli sport that sent the club spiralling out of control. An ultra-connected society welded by social networks showcases the devastating strength of hatred.
Maya Zinshtein
In the mountains of Kurdistan, a group of female fighters from the PKK (Kurdistan Workers Party) fight against Daesh. These young women have left their families to protect others. Together, they train in combat, venture into war zones and then return to the heavily mined hills. Gulistan, Land of Roses exposes the hidden face of this highly mediatised war: the female and feminist face of a revolutionary group united by a common vision of freedom.
Zaynê Akyol
At just thirty four years old, the director Simon Fitzmaurice learns that he has four years to live. Instead of being shattered, he decided that his greatest defiance against illness would be to direct his first feature film. He drew strength from his deepest desires and despite total physical incapacitation, seven years later, he completed My Name is Emily (2015), directing it by only using his eyes thanks to Eye Gaze technology. This film becomes an ode to life where every second, every relationship and every smile has its importance. Can strength and the desire to live transform death ?
Frankie Fenton
The story of a great friendship and a shared battle. Finninsh Riita and Ugandan Catherine have some things in common; their work, a shared home and their sense of humor. Together, they broach women’s rights to their bodies, sexuality and life with religious leaders, in order to break taboos. Leaving Africa depicts the empowerment of women and its impact on individuals, communities and global development.
Iiris Härmä