The "Special Encouragement Prizes" of the 2017 Millenium Festival

Will a simple citizen be able to make a multinational corporation abide by the law?
We all have an electronic device such as a smartphone, a computer, a food processor ... But what do we know about their construction and the people who make them ?
Will work still be the same in the future? Will the machines replace us?
Tuesday 20th of March at 8PM at BOZAR, join in the atmosphere of the Opening Ceremony of the Festival!
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This year, and for the first time in the history of the Festival, we've held 5 o'clock professional meetings with directors to discuss their films and their topics.

During these meetings, one issue that often came up, and turned out to be essential, was the funding issue of documentary filmmaking and how a budget influences the making of a film.


Therefore, we have decided to reward three very-small-budget films with a "Special Encouragement Prize".

We felt that it was important to reward and congratulate the teams behind those films for their courage and their determination in the making of their project despite the enormous challenges they have encountered.



The teams behind Nicobar, a long way, Ultimul Caldarar and Passengers were awarded the three very special prizes as a way to congratulate them for their success and to help them with the making of their next project.