The Palmares of the Festival 2018

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"A Belgrade apartment divided in two tells us the story of a family and of a country"
Director Talal Derki is able to share the intimacy of a family at war
"Muhi - Generally Temporary" and "Almost Heaven"
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All the Winners of the 10th Edition of Millenium



International Competition :


A film that surprises with a powerful cinematography and the complexity and maturity of its storytelling. It starts from an extremely intimate story of the love of a daughter for her mother, and develops to unveil the History of a country throughout the century and the radical changes that have played a key role in the life of several generations.


This is a film where the main character becomes director. It is an outstanding film in the way it deals with climate change from a global to an individual perspective. It shows how climate change influences the life of an individual, of a family, of a Kenyan community, while also being a threat for every human being around the world.


An extremely beautiful, moving and challenging film, which is a reminder that all around us, there are people in critical situations that need our help to bounce back and regain their hope and their human dignity.


For the innovation of the cinematographic language. With a film crew mostly composed of young Syrians, it has emerged as one of the most distinctive and innovative films of the selection. It reminds that film is a visual art and that it is still possible to use visual art to deal with the most serious and important issues of our time.


We appreciate the courage of the director to make this film but also the courage of the narrative choices that avoid the simplicity of showing the mechanical violence and the consequences of war as we are used to, but on the contrary, to use the suggestive power of the image to reveal inner violence, the coexistence of hatred and love, and how ignorance can transform a father's love into the destruction of his children.



Belgian Cinema Competition:


  • Prix de la critique du Meilleur Film Belge : Blue Orchids by Johan Grimonprez
  • Prix SCAM du Meilleur Scénario : Rabot by Christina Vandekerckhove
  • Prix du Meilleur Espoir Belge : Saule Marceau by Juliette Achard


"World's Workers" Competition:



"Young Vision" Competition:


  • Prix Vision Jeune : Valentina by Maximilian Feldmann




International Jury


Jacques Bidou - Producer, JBA Productions and founding member of EURODOC

Boris Karadzhev - Director, screenwriter and documentary cinema teacher in Moscow

Leontina Vatamanu - Director, screenwriter and artistic director of OWH Studio in Chisinau

Kim Dong-won - Independant director of social documentaries

Antonio Vigilante - Director at the UN Office in Brussels



Belgian Critics jury


Elli Mastorou - Independant journalist and film reviewer

Nicolas Naizy - Independant journalist and culture reviewer

Freddy Sartor - Film reviewer at Filmmagie

Luc Dellisse - Writer, screenwriter and member of the Belgian committee of SCAM