8th edition - Millenium Web-Meetings

Comment se construire quand on est privé de l’amour d’une famille ?
Will a simple citizen be able to make a multinational corporation abide by the law?
We all have an electronic device such as a smartphone, a computer, a food processor ... But what do we know about their construction and the people who make them ?
Will work still be the same in the future? Will the machines replace us?
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In December 2017, the Millenium festival organises the 8th édition of the Millenium Web-Meetings, an event dedicated to web-documentary and interactive story-telling. This event consists in a 2-days creative hackathon, master-classes, presentation of the results beofre a jury and networking events.

We consider a hackathon to be an incubator of ideas, allowing young people from various backgrounds to meet and share their expertise and work together to develop an innovative project.

Brussels changed greatly those last few years, turning into a modern and cosmopolitan megapolis. In no other European city meet so many different cultures, ethnic groups and religions. We are witnessing those changes, the rapid evolution of the city and its social and economic realities. We aim at encouraging reflection on how to improve the "living together" and make the society more inclusive and equal.