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About the Organiser...


The Millenium Festival is organised by Diogène asbl. Diogène (a Non-Profit Organisation – ABSL) has 23 years of experience in the production of documentary films both in Belgium and abroad. It has produced numerous films in collaboration with international institutions and NGOs and organised many cultural and social events in Europe, whilst supervising and following the work of filmmakers around the world.


About the Millenium Festival...


Since its inception in 2009, our mission at the Millenium International Documentary Film Festival has been to screen documentary films that inspire us to reflect and discover others, their complexity and the beauty of difference. Created with the goal of paying homage to films whose themes are related to the Millennium Development Goals, the originality of its programming has made the Festival one of the most reputed in Europe. With each year, the Festival further captures the interest of both Belgian and international audiences.
Seeing, knowing and understanding what is going on around us; penetrating daily life, its exceptions, the cities, the nooks and crannies of the world; each year the Millenium Festival presents over fifty documentaries selected out of 800 applications from across the globe. These films investigate the challenges and goals of the 21st century in a changing world where many of our values and lifestyles are put to the test. They are moving, thought provoking and, most importantly, they concern all of us. These works also show the personal, political and aesthetic commitment of their directors. In short, we are concerned with committed cinema that tells the truth.
At the same time, the festival is about celebratory moments, competitions, guests, meetings and focus. Besides film screenings and onstage encounters, exchanges also take place behind the camera, resulting in a place of understanding, learning, and self-discovery. The Millenium Festival promotes a kind of cinema that, far from simply drawing up facts, provokes reflection and leaves its mark on the mind and the heart. The Millenium Festival is a rendezvous where you are free to speak up. It is also a means to show your indignation, your doubts, and your will to act - inciting both directors and audiences to think, create and to rise-up (again).


Lubomir Gueorguiev


Artistic director and programmer

Zlatina Rousseva   


Administration / Accounting

Maria Pavlova


Coordination / Partnerships

Anne-Claire Duperrier 

Nadid Belaatik



Olivier Biron 


Preselection team

Livia Tinca

Joanie Kneppers



Marine Bugny


Communication team

Sophie Antonilli

Laure Bioulès

Isabella de Moor

Jihane Lezbare

Romane Henkinbrant


Technics team

Anton Vodenitcharov 

Aurélie Ayer

Valentin Hernault

Thomas Depas


Sub-titles team

Qamil Rustemi

Aurore Jeanmoye

Lucie Cathelain

Emilie Damien

Benjamin Janssen

Céline Chabot

Johana Bondonga

Mélanie Morin